Our Philosophy

The core of our financial process is derived from the 3 words of our mantra:
Partner. Plan. Prosper.

We Partner with our clients to provide an intimate, customized financial planning experience that will help them gain a clear understanding of where they currently stand financially. Simply getting to know our clients during our initial interaction is the most critical stage of our process. We believe that being an effective financial professional is about more than compiling financial data. We strive to develop a deep connection with our clients by exploring personal qualities, values, personalities and biases that make each client unique.

Following our initial evaluation, we then begin the Planning phase of our process. Leveraging the experience and knowledge of the Plummer Financial Team, a customized financial strategy is designed to suit each client’s individual needs and goals. These plans harness the power of robust technologies, experienced investment managers, and well-known insurance companies to ensure that each client has a distinct road map to work toward financial success.

Most client goals can be described in one word: Prosperity. We believe that it takes more than a one-time meeting to get there. The key to obtaining lasting financial prosperity lies with consistency. As such, it is our intention to forge lifelong relationships with everyone who walks in our doors. We encourage our clients to meet with us regularly in order to monitor and track our progress towards your lifetime financial goals. As life changes and the occasional curve ball is thrown, we work to adjust and modify the client’s financial strategy as needed. And along the way, our clients enjoy convenient and user-friendly technology that will help them see their accounts and stay on track of their finances through the years.

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